Youth Development

We provide summer and mentoring programs to at-risk youth. Our youth programs have helped many students. The gang awareness, prevention and intervention program provides training and connects gang task force leaders.


$200,000 helps 7,500 Chattanooga youth to have a summer that is filled with positive activities, and for many, a legal means of earning money.

Cost per youth: $83.33

Pre-Program and Post-Program Surveys reveal the Outcomes:

  • Goal setting skills are learned and “next steps” are determined
  • Program activities/duties are recognized as job skills for future use
  • Life Skills: punctuality, respect, honesty, neatness, and budgeting are taught
  • How to meet Jesus and have a relationship with Him is shared

Gang Awareness / Information Training

Terrell "TJ" Johnson is a National Gang Expert, who trains youth and Youth Service Providers in Chattanooga.  Quarterly, training is at the Maclellan Foundation, Recreation Centers, and Churches.  Mr. Johnson is also an Advisor to the Chattanooga Police Department, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department, and the City of Chattanooga’s Gang Taskforce (Click here for more information).

The World Needs a Father

Founded on common sense and the principles for healthy family we find in the Bible, The World Needs A Father is about training communities of men to understand the value of their roles as fathers, and giving them the tools to train other men around them, so that as heaven splashes down in their home, the ripples flow through their community (Click here for more information).