FPA Family Statement



Front Porch Alliance (FPA) is a charity with its foundation in biblical Christian teachings, and we strive to conduct our operations according to the specific tenets of our faith.  We believe that the Bible informs us completely on the great human questions regarding purpose and origin, in matters large and small pertaining to daily living, and in prescribing how humans and their social order best flourish.

We publish these principles in order to affirm the associated Christian practices that direct the daily execution of our Mission and guide our actions regarding the programs we encourage and the funding we contribute in Chattanooga to support children and their families.

In seeking to serve children and their parents, we judge that the institution of marriage is the fundamental building block of human society, and that God’s created order defines the institution solely as the union of one man and one woman.  We therefore work to support and to sustain the health of such natural marriage because we believe it is the profound moral good that best serves the health and flourishing of married couples and children that are the procreative object of marriage.

We reserve the right to work in association with and to fund other organizations only as they maintain these same biblical standards regarding marriage, the family, and the care of children. We may from time to time require that participants in our programs affirm these “Principles and Practices Regarding the Family” as a condition of participation. All decisions related to this reservation and requirement are made entirely at the discretion of FPA and its Board of Directors.

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